Invite (A5) for Vleeshal
Blanket with mouse-drawings
Poster (A3) for Klubkegelbahn
Poster (A3) for exhibition at akku Kunstplattform
Mary Shelley Facsimile Library Catalogue (A4), in collaboration with Yeliz Secerli
Poster (variable) for exhibition in «the box» of Werkplaats Typografie
«Swiss Style Now*» at «Weltformat Festival» Luzern
«Swiss Style Now*» at «Weltformat Festival» Luzern
Handout (A4) for «Swiss Style Now*» at «Weltformat Festival», Luzern
Poster (A1), in collaboration with Kaj Lehmann, Simon Rüegg, Raphael Schoen
Postcard (A5) for museum of history
Poster (A2) for event by zweikommasieben
Poster for museum of history
«Spektra», in collaboration with Kaj Lehmann
Flyer (A6), zweikommasiebn x mmodemm
Invite (A5) for Vleeshal
Book for photographer Klaartje Lesage, in collaboration with Malin Gewinner
Poster (A3) for concert at Neubad Luzern
Poster (A1) for Werkbeiträge Luzern, collaboration with Kaj Lehmann, Raphael Schoen and Simon Rüegg
Poster (Weltformat) in collaboration with Kaj Lehmann
Publication about the rise of the computer
Dorothee Dähler
Graphic Designer based in Zurich, specialized in visual identities, editorial design and scenografie.

For inquires please reach out
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Master of Arts at Werkplaats Typografie; Bachelor in Graphic Design at HSLU Luzern

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